Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Josie and her Roses

Josie owns a house that is surrounded with roses. This is her favorite flower and she has worked with Mother Nature to create a few different varieties of roses. She is working on a new rose for her and Xander's anniversary. The rose will be a combination of a black rose and a white rose. She is going to create the rose with the outside petals in black and the inside bud in white. Josie figured it was important to be able to have the rose to stand up under cold weather, she figured it was appropriate under the circumstances.

When Josie and Xander moved into their new home, there was quite a bit of greenery, but none of her roses. Lexie had decided to let Josie decide which roses she would want to move. Instead of moving her precious flowers, Josie decided to create new ones and start afresh. Instead of trying to tame the wilderness around her Josie decided to enhance it and work her roses into it in a way not to detract from the beauty. She was working hard to work her roses into the local scenery and had even created a climbing red rose that would work its way up the cliff to the waterfall, she had also planted another climbing rose that she thought would accentuate the red rose. Within the red roses where placed small white roses, which she was using to enhance the deepness of the rich red rose.

Josie hoped Xander would like her anniversary present. It was something that she could give him that would always remind him of her and it would be something their children could enjoy for centuries to come. She envisioned it to be a very elegant rose and she was already getting requests for the rose from both Nick, Father Times' brother and Jack, Mother Nature's brother. They both wanted it to plant around their houses as they lived in winter climates.

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