Saturday, February 10, 2007

Xander the Tolerant

Now that I have introduced you to Josie, I figured it was time I introduced you to Xander. He is a handful, born in the 1500's in England, his family has been feuding with Josie's family for centuries. At one time him and Josie had been seeing each other secretly, but after a misunderstanding, Josie wouldn't talk to him. When Lexie gave him the opportunity to try and reconcile their difference, Xander didn't think about leaving his family, he just wanted to be with Josie.

Everyone has seen the practical jokes that Josie has pulled on Xander over the years, but they didn't know what had caused Josie to act the way she did. Xander knew and that was why he didn't retaliate, well at least where people could see him doing it. What the general populace of Amber Isle never saw was that after everyone was in bed Xander would visit Josie with different persona. One time he could leave frogs in her bed and another time she would get a late night visit from a supposed ghost. Josie never knew what was going to happen, just that it was. This was Xander's revenge for Josie picking on him during the day.

So everyone feels sorry for Xander, but I figured you would like to hear the whole story. He gave as good as he got, especially on the nights that he would sneak up behind her and steal a kiss or two.

Next time I will tell you a little bit about Xander's job as a Time Watcher. Until then happy writing and reading. Enjoy life you only live it once.

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