Friday, August 15, 2008

Molly's Story Continued

Because the story seemed to be liked and because KB is requesting the next installment I have written a little bit more for your reading pleasure. Comments and criticism is always appreciated. Enjoy the story:

Molly's laughter joined his as he pulled the cruiser into traffic. The rest of the trip was made with Ray filling Molly in on the latest gossip around the office.

She was still laughing as they walked through the door of the squad room. Molly stopped for a moment to absorb the smells. There wasn't any other smell like a police station. Ray rested his hand on top of hers and squeezed it for a moment. Molly looked up and smiled at Deputy Sanchez.

“How is my favorite boy doing, Sam?”

Sam grinned back at her, “Molly, you need to come over for dinner and see for yourself. Marc misses you.”

“Have Carol call me and we will set something up.”

“Talk to you soon, Molly,” Sam replied.

Ray led Molly through the reception area, while she said hi to the men gathered around. Ray stopped outside the Captain's door and briefly knocked before entering the room. He led Molly over to a chair in front of the large oak desk and went back to shut the door.

Captain Manchester had been on the police force for over fifty years. He had been the captain for the last twenty years. His eyes twinkled as he looked at Molly, “Hi darling, how is my favorite girl?”

“I'm good Daddy. I was working on a murder scene when Chris called. Where is he?”

“He will be along shortly, but we can get you started with the basics. Angel had spent the night at a girlfriend's, which we have confirmed with the girl's parents. At 10:30 this morning she left her friends house and headed home. She lived two blocks away. At 2:00 the friend call her house to let her know she forgot something, but she had never made it home. The mother got as much detail out of the girl that she could and then talked to the girl's parents to let them know what was happening.”

“Jill then called all of Angel's friends to see if they had seen her. Then she called us on her cell phone as she walked the route angel would have taken. She found her knapsack but nothing else. I have teams combing the area. They will be coming in 30 minutes to debried and the next crew will go out.”

“Captain, it seems like you have it under control, why did you call me in?”

“First off, you know Angel better than any of us. You know how she thinks, her reactions to situations and know more about her home life than we do. Secondly, you also have worked more missing person cases than any of us. We could really use your input on this case.”

“Captain, I could fill you in on her home life and how I think she would react to different scenarios, but for how many cases I have worked, Chris has worked just as many as I have.”

The Captain stared at her a moment. “Molly, Chris and I discussed it and we would both like you in on this case. Also depending on how well you and Chris mesh again, I would like to bring you back on staff as a part time consultant. Just because you can't see well enough to work in the field doesn't mean you can't consult on cases, but we will sit down and discuss it after we find Angel.

Molly was silent for a moment as she looked at her father. “I will help you find Angel, but that is all I am committing to at this time. We would have quite a bit to discuss before I agree to come back even part-time. Where is Jill? Where is the photo board?

Molly felt him just before Chris laid his hand on her shoulder, “One of the officers took Jill to get something to eat and the photo board is in the conference room. Are you ready to finally start working again?”

Molly felt her spine stiffen even as chris slid his hand down to her elbow to help her get up from the chair. Molly knew her father was watching them with interest, even though she couldn't see his face clearly. She forced herself to relax in Chris' grip. Molly did not want the gossip mill starting again over them. Why Chris wanted to work with her on this case was anyone's guess, he had made it clear after her incident that he couldn't handle touching her. After she stood up and moved around the chair, Molly shrugged off Chris' hand. “Daddy is it clear?”

“Yes, Molly, you have a straight shot to the door. The hallway to the conference room hasn't changed either, so you should be clear the entire way.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

Your Welcome, Molly.”

Molly walked straight for the door quickly, grabbed the handle before Chris could open the door for her. She heard his sigh of frustration as she turned into the hallway for the conference room. As she focused on the corridor, she felt the darkness closing in around her. In the office and squad room, there had been windows, so it lessened the impact of the blindness, but in the hallway where it was already dark it drastically enhanced the blindness to the point where Molly couldn't see. Molly felt herself starting to hyperventilate.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Possible New Story

Hi I am working on a story that wouldn't leave my head and I would like your opinion on it. I look forward to hearing from you.

Molly stared at the screen in front of her in frustration. How hard could it be to write ten simple pages? Obviously extremely hard! Molly sighed in frustration. She had created a self imposed goal of ten pages a day but today she had been luck to manage a paragraph.

Molly reread her outline for this part of the book and reread the preceeding page and she started writing. She was in the middle of a murder scene when the phone rang next to her. Molly jumped and put her hand to her chest to try and calm her heart down, while she stared at the phone. She grabbed it and said, "Hel..."

"Molly, its Chris. I need your to come down to the station!"


"I have a case for you to work on."

"Chris, I'm retired. I am an author now."

Chris shouted, "Have you published anything?"

"Well, no, but I have a few articles submitted and I am working on my book."

"Molly please. We need you for this."

"Chris, you know why I don't take cases any longer."

"I know Molly, but you were a great detective. You shouldn't quit after one bad case."

"Chris, I almost died. If you hadn't come when you did I would have died. I am officially on disability because of my eyes."

"But you won't have to worry about your eyes for this one. I have a missing persons case for you that I need your expertise on."

Molly put her head down on the desk and sighed, "Who is the missing person?"


Molly's head popped up. "I'll be right down."

"I'll have Johnson pick you up. You aren't supposed to drive."

"Alright, I'll be ready in 10 minutes."

"Make it five, he already left."


"Bye Molly."

Molly jumped up and ran into the bedroom. While she was throwing on some clean clothes, running a brush through her hair, tossing on some deodorant and brushing her teeth, she thought back to her last case.

It had seemed like a normal missing persons case. If you could call any missing person normal.

A young woman had gone missing. She had left work but never made it home. After two days they had found her car abandoned down by the lake. There hadn't been any sign of a struggle, her purse was missing, so it was assumed it was with her. Molly had ordered a sweep of the area just in case it had been dumped somewhere close by.

As they started to dig into her life, they found out she had a boyfriend. The husband had an alibi. He had been at the children's school volunteering during the time of her disappearance. Unless he had an accomplice he was in the clear.

They ended up tracing the lady's boyfriend to an old farm, but when they when to investigate and ask him some questions the investigation took a nosedive.

Molly was taken hostage and held for two weeks. They found out that the boyfriend had killed the woman because she wouldn't leave her husband and kids for him. While Molly was being held, Jonathan, the boyfriend, had tortured her. Her back had scars from him whipping her until she bled. She had a scar on her lower back where he had tattooed "whore" and she had it removed. He had sliced thin lines into her hands so she could never hold a gun again. He had raped her repeatedly and caused enough damage that she had to have a hysterectomy. But the worst thing he did to her was as the police were storming the door to get her out, he blew a fine dust into her eyes. Because of the extent of her other injuries they focused on her eyes to late and the fine powder had damaged her eyes enough that she was considered legally blind and unfortunately it wasn't a problem that glasses or surgery could fix.

She knew her house well enough that she could get around quickly and easily, but outside her home she was very limited.

Molly walked back into the front room grabbed her purse and keys just as the doorbell rang. She looked at the monitor next to the door to ensure that is was Officer Johnson before opening the door.

"Hi Molly," Ray said as she opened the door. "How have you been?"

"Hi Ray." Molly grinned at him as she gave him a quick hug. "I'm good but I hear you have been better. How is the redhead?"

"Molly," Ray exclaimed, as a blush rose up in his cheeks.

Molly's laughter filled the room as she grabbed her walking stick.

Ray just shook his head at her as he picked up her hand and placed it on his arm. He took her keys and after they had stepped over the threshold, turned and locked the door securely behind them.

Once Ray had her settled in the cruiser, he looked at her quickly, "We've missed you around the office, Molly. When are you coming back full time?"

Molly sighed, "Ray, I can't come back on the force with my eyes. They won't let me be a cop any longer."

"No, but you could be our resident mascot," Ray grinned at her as he pulled into traffic.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Every year I would give my boss a trivia question on Cinco de Mayo so this year I will give it to all of you also. Good luck with the answer

What is the official name of Mexico?
a. Mexico
b. United Mexico Regimen
c. Mexicana
d. United Mexican States

Have a safe and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some Wild Pics

It looks like his head in on fire

Or do you think this guy will take an eye out with that hairdo?????

These pictures were taken by my husband at the Renaissance Faire in Las Vegas in 2005. It always amazes me what people will wear to some of these things.

take care

Writing Again

Its been quite a while since I have written anything and I decided it was time that I started up again. I am not happy with the way my Atlantis book is coming along and have to decide which way I am going to go with it. Between that and work I haven't been writing like I should be. I listen to these authors who have written books that have made it to the best sellers lists and they talk about writing for 5 - 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, I can't do this as I have a full time job, kids and hubby, but I am trying to write for at least an hour a day. If I can accomplish that then I should be able to get my book done and start reviewing it and cleaning it up within 6 months. I am trying to find a writing group, but it isn't the easiest thing to do as I live in a smaller area, but I will continue looking. Hopefully with spring here and the weather warming up, I can get the bug back to write again. I might but Atlantis aside for now and work on a book idea that my hubby gave me. It would be a different pace from what I am used to as it is a horror book, but that might be what I need. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

As the book progresses I will let you know how it is coming along.

Take Care

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just listened to a phone call that I received through an email and listening to this little boy, will touch anyone who listens to it. I hope it moves you as much as it moved me.

Thank you God for providing us with your Son!