Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some Wild Pics

It looks like his head in on fire

Or do you think this guy will take an eye out with that hairdo?????

These pictures were taken by my husband at the Renaissance Faire in Las Vegas in 2005. It always amazes me what people will wear to some of these things.

take care


mooouna said...

It's amazing !

jadey said...

LOL I love the hair simply outrageous. I wouldn't stand too close though unless wearing sunglasses. You have to love the renaissance festivals cause they bring out all sorts of people.

KB said...

Woohoo, good to see you back. We missed you x

Patti Winters said...

We had fun when we went, it was fun to see all of the different costumes. We are talking about going this year. It will be fun to see the difference between Vegas and Michigan.

Thanks KB its good to be back