Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Josie of Amber Island

Today I decided to introduce you to one of my favorite characters in our books. She is the Time Master of Amber Island, which makes her second in command under Lexie or Alexandria, who is the Time Keeper. Josie's full name is Josephina, but she figured it was too big of a mouth full and shortened it to Josie. Josie came to the time islands from 1500's England, where her family was in the middle of a feud with the de Smallwode family. Her brother was killed and her sister is having to marry one of the de Smallwode brothers to be able to have peace between the two families. Josie's nemesis from the de Smallwode's came to the time islands the same time she did, Xander.

Josie covers up her feelings for Xander by being abrupt and mean to him. Some of their fights have become the thing of legends on Amber Island. Her most memorable one is when she sent him to Antarctica to swim with the penguins. Now every year on his birthday she gets him a new penguin, and after 500 years that's a lot of penguins. She tries to be creative and has gotten him penguins that are stuffed, penguins on his clothing and her latest was a penguin watch. She was thinking about for his birthday this year, taking the picture she has of him in a tuxedo and changing his face to that of a penguin and getting it enlarged and framed for him, that way he can have a self-portrait.

As I have said before, Josie is a handful but we wouldn't have her any other way. She is a character that tries to stay aloof, but it is difficult because she is caring and wants to help everyone. She has a bad temper and will retaliate if she feels like someone has done something to her (normally Xander), but then she feels bad when she does retaliate. She loves to have fun and one of her favorite things to do is go out on the sailboat with Lexie, who is her best friend.
Stay tuned for more talk about Josie and the whole gang.

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