Friday, July 13, 2007

The Voices are getting Louder

I haven't been writing much lately, but I figured it was time to start again. The voices are getting louder and clambering to come out. Does this happen to anyone else? When you are working on a book, how does the book form for you?

When I am starting on a book, I normally start with an idea and then work on an outline With the outline, I am able to flesh out the book and as I do this, it starts to come alive in my head. The characters take on a life of their own and they argue and sulk when the writing isn't going the way they expect it to go. As I picture the different books I am writing, the scenes for the books look like I visited the area as it seems so real. You can picture yourself walking down the boardwalk toward the ocean and feel the sea water mist your face. You can hear the voices blending together at the cafe across the street and feel the wind move through your hair.

I think the writing experience is different for everyone. But for me its like creating a whole new world, that is mine to explore and try and present to the people reading the book. It is my responsibility as an author to help them to see the world you create through your settings and your characters, because the characters are an integral part of any world.

So I think it is time to get back to the writing process. Keegan needs to work through his differences with Gwyn, Bryce and Delwyn need to straighten things out and Delysia and Delyth need to find their mates. I also need to work on my fairy tales as I am getting requests for them plus I have other ideas floating in my head...ah the voices!

Happy Writing


KB said...

Consider yourself tagged. See my blog for details.

Darlin_Jo said...

TAG!! Your turn to enlighten us with 8 little facts about you...wonderful you.


Rebicmel said...

looking forward to it.. wahoo Patti is writing again.

Toadee said...

I just can't focus long enough to write a book (or even a pamphlet) my writing group say I have a way of economising with words, I say I'm lazy

Patti Winters said...

Toadee, if it helps there are times I have to force myself to write, but in the end I can work through the rough spots and create a pretty good work, if I say so myself.

J Morgetron said...

I have the voices too.


You explained very good how you start to write; starting with an idea and then working on an outline.
I look forward do read more work of you

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