Friday, June 15, 2007


Once upon a time there lived a little girl who was five years old. She lived in a village with her papa, mammy and her older brother. Her job was to help her mother keep the fire going in the large stone oven to bake the bread. She carried wood to her mother who would place it in the oven.

One day she had gathered the wood for the day and was watching her mother knead the dough for the bread she was making and Emily asked if she could help and her mother gave her a small piece of dough to work with.

Emily flattened the dough and squished it between her fingers but had forgotten to wash her hands first, so it got small pieces of sticks and dirt in the bread dough. She made it into a loaf of bread and her mother was nice and put it into the oven to bake.

She couldn't wait for her papa and brother to get home, she wanted to share the bread with them. She couldn't sit still while they trooped in and sat down for dinner. She immediately sat the bread down between them and told them she had made it for them.

They complimented her on how nice her bread looked and then each cut a piece to spread with butter. As her father took a bite of the bread, he realized there was something crunchy in the bread and reached into his mouth to remove a piece of wood from his mouth. But he continued to smile and thank his daughter, Emily for making him bread as he carefully slipped the bread to the dog.


Rebicmel said...

Patti I really enjoyed reading this, it teaches us that a child's enthusiasm to learn should never be squashed over the little things eh. So very cute.


Deirdre said...

Hey Patti, been there, and done that. Very funny. Kid's should be encouraged and supervised while baking. Deirdre

Patti Winters said...

especially supervised :)