Thursday, April 26, 2007

Walking through the Trees

The breeze is blowing through the trees
The sun rays filter through the leaves
Birds sing
A deer holds still and lifts his head
Hold real still and wait to see
The fawn peeks out around her legs
Before moving to the edge of the lake to drink
You wait to move not wanting to be
The force to scare them, making them flee
They bound away
Grace and agility there to see
Continue your walk through the woods
Enjoy the peace you should
It’s over too quickly for you to be
Hurrying through life and missing the trees


Deirdre said...

Hi Patty . Your blog is lovely. I really enjoyed reading your poem. See you in the cafe. Deirdre

fangers said...

Poignant and Peaceful.

You have a true way with words Patti!

William said...

what fangers said. Poingnant and peaceful. Keep it up.

Rebicmel said...

Makes me feel like I am in the woods strolling and happen upon this mother and fawn, which has actually happened...Lovely picture Patti.

Are you related to any Winters in Indiana and Michigan by chance???
My mother was a Winters and her family hails from Warsaw, Indiana.


Patti Winters said...

thanks, I enjoy writing which is good since I do try and write. Missy, the Winters in my genealogy hail from Michigan and before that Canada, none in Indiana that I know of, but if you want to talk about it email me at