Saturday, April 14, 2007

How to Write a Press Release

One of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are working on moving your company online is how do I go about creating buzz and continuing the buzz about my company. The answer is press releases; they will help to drive quality traffic to your site and also help to gain exposure. As a communication strategy it is important to distribute press releases on a regular basis to help keep your company in the front view of your consumers.

When you are creating your press release campaign there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind while you are setting down the guidelines your campaign. These include what you are going to include in your press releases, how you are going to create brand awareness and how you are going to get and maintain quality exposure for your company.

Some of the items you need to include in your press releases are the same things you need to include on your website, which include links and keywords. When you are constructing your press release campaign your goal is to create in-bound links to your site. You manage this through creating a press release that is rich in keywords that relate to your site, but you want to be careful to not over saturate your press release. The optimal amount of keywords to incorporate should be two to three words with a primary keyword and two secondary keywords. It is essential to research your keyword selections to make sure your keywords are geared toward your target audience and subject matter.

Brand awareness is important when working on your press release. You can optimize your press releases by utilizing media portals such as and Both websites will help you syndicate your press released to thousands of news outlets. It is imperative to include relevant back links to your landing page as it will provide valuable traffic to your site.

As always when creating anything for your site whether it is press releases, blogs, articles or general content then it is important to maintain consistent content. By having the information flow through the different media channels for your website you will be able to maximize the potential for long-term exposure for your business. It is important to provide a newsworthy and journalistic feel to your press releases as this will provide a professional image to your company. If you provide great content with optimization you should be able to yield good results for your press release campaign.

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