Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stop the Author's Guild and Google from STEALING your Books!


The Author's Guild and Google settled a class action suit brought by the Author's Guild against Google. Google has been copying books from the libraries whether they had copyrights or not and making them available to the public. The Author's Guild decided they could represent all the authors in the world and sued them. They settled and unless you (the author) opt out, Google has permission to copy your book onto their website if your book has been out of print for one (1) year. According to copyright law, books are under copyright for 70 years after the author's death. This settlement makes that null and void.

It is outrageous that the Author's Guild thinks that they can represent all of the authors whether or not they are a member of the Author's Guild. It is outrageous that Google thinks they can scan copyright books and make them available for free without any repercussions. It is also outrageous that the judge actually agreed to all of this.

I would recommend to everyone that they go to Google and determine if their book is on their site and if it is, send them a DMCA Take Down Notice. Here is the link to Google Books to find out if your book is listed on their site.

Any suggestions on how to handle this would be appreciated!

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KB said...

What! How can this be so? Shocking.