Monday, February 23, 2009

Molly Part 3

I am working on a title for this book, so if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Here is the next installment:

She took a deep breath and offered a silent prayer to God, “Please Lord, clear my vision to make it to the conference room without incident. She forced herself to walk continue on to the conference room. Once she reached the doorway and could see light filtering into the room, she could breathe again. Chris brushed past her and started putting new information up on the board. Molly walked around the room, refamiliarizing herself with the layout before walking over to the boards on the far wall. She could tell where Chris had organized the pictures of the connections to Angel, but wasn’t able to tell who was in the pictures. On the second board, Chris had laid out the timeline of Angel’s last few hours before she had gone missing.

“Chris, could you explain the boards and pictures you have laid out for me?”

“They are on the board, Molly. Just look at them, it is pretty self-explanatory.”

Molly closed her eyes briefly, she knew he didn’t mean to be insensitive but it still hurt, “Thanks Chris, I will find someone else to help me.”

Chris frowned at Molly for a moment before comprehension dawned, “Molly, I am so sorry. I didn’t think. Come here and I will explain the board to you.”

“I know Chris. It’s all right.”

Chris took a deep breath, before turning back to the board. “We have Angel in the center, off from her, we have her mom, her friend Lucy, Lucy’s parents and Angel’s dad.”
Molly frowned, “Do you have anyone else on the board?”

“No, we are talking to her friends and teachers to see if she mentioned anything or anybody bothering her, but haven’t found anything yet.”

“Did you talk to anyone at the community center?”

“No, we didn’t know she still went there.”

“Yes, she has been. Talk to Javier and Jorge and their little sister Margo, they have been playing basketball lately. Also talk to Lisa Cammings. She is one of the counselors at the center and Angel has had a couple of sessions with her.”

“I thought you hadn’t seen Angel since right after you were attacked.”

“I haven’t seen Angel, but she messages me online and sends me text messages on my phone. Did Lucy tell you who Angel’s new boyfriend is?”

“No, we didn’t know she had a boyfriend and Jill didn’t know about one.”

Molly snorted, “Of course Jill didn’t know. Angel doesn’t talk to her about her private life. Would you after what the child has been through?”

“So, who do you recommend we add to the board, besides, Javier, Jorge, Margo and Lisa?”

“I would also add William, he is Lucy’s brother. He has had a crush on Angel for about 2 months. Other than that, I will wait until we talk to Lucy and the group at the community center.”

Chris was silent as he watched Molly for a moment, it broke his heart what that monster had done to her, but she had survived. It took resilience to make it through the turmoil not only her body had been through but her mind as well. “Do you want to stay here and talk to Jill or did you want to go over to the community center with me? We can have Arnold go talk to William and Lucy.”

Molly stared at the board for a minute longer before she said quietly, “I will go with you to the community center. I need to tell them in person. It will help that they know me.”

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